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Hello all!

So, on the 24th Feb, we announced some changes in the structure of gogomedia.

1. We’re opening our doors to anyone who would like to join us and what we’re doing here, what does that mean? Well for starters, we are looking for new talent- if you have a pod/vidcast and would like to reach maximum exposure, we have something in common! And we’d like to have you on board with us, we’ll provide you with bandwidth, space and support.

2. We’re opening a job board, it’ll be an open posting system, employees / employers can add information for a job they have or / know is available.

Why? In my day job, I am constantly asked by eager beavers for any opportunity to work, as specially in media, as the economic situation continues to take a nosedive everyone along the food chain feels the 6-pac crunch (fed up of saying credit-…doh!) and scale backs in personnel continue to happen, but the show must go on, and I want to provide a platform to keep you all working.

Based on the traffic gogomedia gets, as specially from visitors in London, I feel there will be a fair amount of eyes, we’ll be networking with some other players in the UK to make sure we have a good range of offers available, but we don’t want to only allow employers to post a job, for example:

You confirm on a job, and get a call from someone else who needs you for the same period, you can A. recommend someone else, or B. post the offer here and have hundreds of ready and able eyes ready to fill the position.

It’s as simple as that.

This will go live on Monday 9th (next week) and what I mean about an open posting system, is that anyone can navigate to the site and submit, or search for a job.

3. We’re moving the show to a fortnightly feature!

If you have any questions, suggestions, get in contact with me.

Phew, seemed a lot more in my head, well that’s all for now!